Dry & Frizzy – Hair Serum

Do you have hair that are Dry and Frizzy?

Our hair serum would nourish your hair with essential vitamins and fatty acids to keep your hair hydrated and easily managed.

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Exotic Lane’s Dry & Frizzy Hair Serum is enriched with nourishing oils that moisturize the scalp and hair.

All these oils are beautifully blended together to formulate this serum that protects your hair from dryness and keeps your hair hydrated. It avoids frizziness in hair and makes them easily managed.


Ingredients used in Exotic Lane Hair Serum –


Hemp Seed Oil – Hemp Seed Oil helps in moisturizing the hair and scalp. With the use of this oil, your hair will experience less water loss. This will help your scalp to remain hydrated and provide a day-long shine to them. Those who are facing this problem including the damaged scalp, can make use of hemp seed oil as this oil help in boosting blood circulation through the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles to make a way for them for good hair growth.

Grape Seed Oil – Grapeseed oil is a light oil that gets absorbed easily into the skin of the scalp. It promotes blood circulation and prevents moisture loss in the scalp. The Vitamin E and fatty acids present in this oil promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. This oil claims to restore hair’s natural vibrancy and shine.

Argan Oil –  Its high content of essential fatty acids enhances the quality of hair which prevents dryness and fizziness which boosts shine in your hair. Argan oil nutrients prevent hair from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun which makes hair dry and rough.

Sweet Almond Oil – As Almond oil is rich with fatty acids like Omega-6 and Omega-9, and palmitoleic acid, it stimulates the growth of thick, long, and strong hair. Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) helps to retain the moisture at the scalp level and palmitoleic acid promotes the shine in hair

Castor Oil – Castor oil is the best oil to enrich your scalp. It contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids and therefore when massaged onto the scalp it helps in increasing blood circulation which improves hair growth.

Vitamin E Oil – Vitamin E oil forms a protective layer and locks the moisture within the scalp. It prevents dryness and also moisturizes your scalp and hair to maintain perfect oil balance.

Sandalwood Essential Oil – Sandalwood Oil has been known to work beautifully on hair and scalp. It can prevent hair loss by tightening the skin tissues of the scalp so that they don’t lose moisture. And provides essential nutrients that help in blood circulation.

Rosemary Essential Oil – Rosemary Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes nerve growth, and improves circulation.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is useful in soothing skin irritation and wounds. This essential oil acts as a natural conditioner for the scalp and eliminates agents that cause the skin to flake.

How to use and apply Hair Serum

Simply rub a small amount of serum through the palm of your hands and then, using two fingers, gently apply it to the strands and scalp using a pressing motion anywhere you want added frizz control.


Shelf Life – 12 months


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