Do you know that Olive Oil is also called ‘Jaitun ka tel’ in Hindi? This liquid goal is considered a superfood by chefs and dieticians because of the number of benefits it contains. In this article, we will discuss olive oil benefits for skin and hair.

Olive oil is blessed with antioxidants and Vitamins A, E, D, and K making it a good component to work on Skin and Hair.

Extracted from Olive fruit, Olive Oil has ruled our kitchens for a long time and now it is taking over the cosmetic market.

Let’s start by discussing the Skin benefits of olive oil.

We did our deep research and olive oil found to be offering the same or more benefits that other expensive products in the cosmetic market provide.

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin

1.      Excellent Moisturizer

Olive oil contains a good volume of Vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant which protects your skin from harmful Ultra Violet rays from the Sun and other radicals present in air and water. Olive Oil has a very light texture which gets absorbed into the skin and doesn’t let the skin to dehydrate. In body care products, it acts as wonderful non-sticky moisture and is suitable for all skin types.

2.      Has Anti-Aging Properties

The presence of Vitamin E in Olive oil makes it a good ingredient in Anti-Aging creams and butter. Anti-oxidants present in this oil revamps the skin and prevents sign of aging making your skin wrinkle-free and restoring the youth in your skin.

3.      Acts as a Good Cleanser and Makeup Remover

 Olive oil helps to remove the dead cells of the skin without harming it. Also works perfectly when you want to remove the makeup from the skin. This beautiful oil is better than the chemical-infused cosmetic products available in the market which also does their job well but in return harm your skin in long run. If you have sensitive skin, you should include olive oil for the skin to cleanse and remove makeup.

4.      Prevents Acne

As Olive Oil has a good volume of Vitamin E, it can help to cure acne and other bacterial conditions. Also, it can help to protect your skin from conditions like psoriasis.

5.      Can be used as a shaving cream or foam substitute.

Shaving creams and foams are infused with chemicals that can harm the internal cells of the skin in long run. Olive Oil, being the natural moisturizer can be a good substitute when you want to shave your legs or arms. It leaves the skin soft and supple and doesn’t do any harm.

6.      Protects Lips in all weather

Olive oil provides important nutrients and moisture to the lips which get lost in extreme weather conditions. It gets absorbed into the skin of lips and locks the moisture within and thus it is a wonderful component in lip balms.

Now as you are aware of the miracle benefits of olive oil on the skin, let’s discuss some of the benefits of it on hair.

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

These days, hair problems like dandruff, gray hair, itchy scalp, split ends, and hair loss is getting common among both men and women in countries like India, we try to shift to expensive medications and hair care products to save our hair. Most of you might not have received good results by opting for these options. But if you look at some of the Olive oil benefits for hair, you might want to give it a try for sure.

1.      Helps in Conditioning Hair and Scalp

The main chemical compounds of Olive oil are oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene. Due to the presence of these, olive oil gets softening qualities. Many shampoos and conditioners use these in their chemical formulas but it is already naturally present in olive oil.

Olive oil strengthens hair by restoring and locking the moisture within hair and scalp, and also provides shine to hair.

2.      Helps in Hair Growth

The Vitamin E present in olive oil not only helps to prevent hair loss but also makes the hair strong. It stimulates hair growth if you make it on the list of your hair care routine and Olive oil will keep your hair healthy.

3.      Can help to Treat Dandruff

Olive oil contains antioxidant properties that help in reducing the damage done to your scalp. It also contains a good volume of fatty acids that protects your hair from pollutants and harmful radiations of the Sun. Due to Its anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil reduces the itchy scalp and prevents dandruff flakes to occur.

4.      Fights back chemically Damaged Hair

An amazing property that olive oil has, is its power to restore natural hair color. When we color our hair with chemicals and dyes, give them chemical treatments like smoothening and keratin, uses hot irons for straightening and curling, our hair loses its moisture and natural texture. Chemically damaged hair also loses its natural color and shows signs of aging.

Olive Oil re-strength weak hair roots and restores the pH level of the scalp and hair follicles and thus it helps to fight back the chemically damaged hair.


Olive Oil is an excellent treatment to keep your skin and hair healthy. It is being used for thousands of years and is easily available at stores near you.

For skin, it acts as a moisturizer and a good makeup remover. It prevents acne and contains anti-aging properties. It is commonly used in body creams, body butter, and lip balm.

Olive Oil Benefits for hair include conditioning, hair growth, treating dandruff, and restoring the natural hair color.

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