As the world is switching to natural products for beauty benefits, Cocoa butter plays an important role in creating body creams, body butter, lip balms, and lotions.

Cocoa butter is a fat that is extracted from cocoa beans. Yes, the same beans are used to make delicious chocolates. Cocoa is being used for centuries to make medicine. Compounds called phytochemicals, which are present in cocoa can help to keep both your body and skin healthy.

Cocoa butter smells good and feels luxurious when you apply it to the body. It melts at body temperature and gets absorbed by the skin providing the essential nourishment.

We did some research on the benefits of cocoa butter and here are some classy properties that cocoa butter contains within.

Cocoa Butter Benefits for Skin and Hair

Cocoa Butter Benefits for Skin

1.      Anti-Aging

Cocoa Butter is rich in antioxidants such as palmitic acid, oleic acid, and stearic acid, which helps to keep away dirt and free radicals in the environment that may harm your skin. Also, Cocoa butter is rich in Vitamins E and K, which helps the skin to remain clean and slows down the sign of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

The presence of polyphenols in Cocoa butter helps to keep skin elastic, hydrated, and fights off the damage done to skin cells.

2.      Moisturize Skin

Cocoa butter contains a high amount of saturated fats which makes it one of the best natural moisturizers. No doubt, the beauty industry loves cocoa butter and uses it in many body care products.

The fats present in Cocoa butter form a protection layer on the skin and prevent the skin from dehydration. It works very well for people with dry skin.

3.      Treats Acne

You might use tons of applications to treat acne but most of them just are very expensive and shows no results the way you want. Cocoa butter contains Omega-6 fatty acid which is a really good agent for acne-prone skin.

Having anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, this amazing butter protects your skin from harmful environment radicals that cause excess sebum to form on the skin layer. Excess sebum on the skin makes it oily and causes acne.

4.      Skin-Lightening

Darkening of the skin occurs with the increase in melanin production in your skin. This can happen due to several ways like exposure to the sun or using harsh applications on skin. When you apply cocoa butter to the skin, It can help to reduce hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin and nails) and even out the dark spots on the skin.

Cocoa butter can also help to lighten the scars on the body surface and improve the blood circulation in those areas which helps to keep the skin surface healthy.

5.      Make Lips Glowing

Cocoa Butter is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. when you apply cocoa butter to your lips, it gets absorbed easily and forms a protective layer. This layer prevents the moisture to escape from the lips’ surface and keeps them moisturized. Phytosterols present in Cocoa butter helps in retaining the natural color back and makes your lips glow.

Cocoa Butter Benefits for Skin and Hair

Cocoa Butter Benefits for Hair

1.      Conditioning Hair

Cocoa butter has moisturizing properties and locks the moisture in hair strands and scalp. It also adds a natural shine to hair and makes it shine. It is better than most conditioners available in the market, as cocoa butter is completely natural and safe for almost all skin types.

The presence of palmitic acid makes cocoa butter a good conditioner for hair as it doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue.

2.      Stimulates Hair Growth

Cocoa butter is rich with palmitoleic acid, omega fatty acids like Omega-6 and Omega-9, and also Vitamin E and Vitamin K. These natural compounds make your hair thick, long, and strong.

Stearic acid present in this butter helps to cleanse your scalp and helps to get rid of dirt, sweat, and excess sebum from the hair.

3.      Prevents Hair Loss

Who doesn’t want their keep strong and prevent hair loss? But when you give your hair chemical treatments like coloring, smoothening, etc., the skin of your scalp gets affected. Even when you use drying blowers, curling, and straightening iron on hair surface, moisture from your hair and scalp gets lost and causes split-ends and hair breakage.

Cocoa Butter is rich in Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9. Along with this, it has the presence of phytosterols, palmitoleic acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. These compounds help to re-hydrate your skin and gives the scalp and hair nourishment they require. It prevents hair breakage and split-ends and makes your hair stronger from roots.


Cocoa butter is being used since ancient times to treat many skin and hair conditions. It has moisturizing properties which lock the moisture in your skin and hair and prevents them from dehydrating. Compounds present in this butter can lighten your skin and scars.

Cocoa butter also has anti-aging properties and can help to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

For hair, it provides good conditioning and makes your hair shine. It prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth, making them thick long, and strong.

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