Argan oil is obtained from the kernels of an argan tree. It is used worldwide for various purposes such as in cosmetics and culinary. It is also referred to as liquid gold oil. In this article, we will discuss argan oil benefits for skin and hair.

It is rich in nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamin E which makes it beneficial for both skin and hair care. it is comparatively light which makes it perfect to use on all skin types. as of 2020, it is in huge demand in the cosmetic industry.

argan oil benefits for skin and hair

Where can Argan Oil be used?

Due to rapid growth, it is used in many cosmetic products like soaps, shampoo, face creams, etc. it is also used in various hair treatments.

Argan Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Argan oil nutrients make it magical when used on the hair in various ways.

Some of the common uses of Argan oil are listed below.

Argan oil benefits for hair

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

1.      Helps in curing dandruff/ dandruff free scalp

As it is rich in vitamin e it nourishes your scalp and helps in getting rid of white flakes caused by dryness in your scalp.

2.      Prevent heat and coloring damage.

During heat styling, it works as a protective layer into the head and protects it from breakage. Hair dye contains lots of chemicals that make your hair lighter and weak. Its antioxidant properties Help to make hair thicker stronger and prevent future damage and splitting.

3.      Add shine to your hair

Its high content of essential fatty acids enhances the quality of hair which prevents dryness and fizziness which boosts shine in your hair.

4.      Works as a sun blocker

Argan oil nutrients prevent hair from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun which makes hair dry and rough.

argan oil benefits for ksin

Argan Oil Benefits for skin

1.      Acne free skin

Most of us battle from acne-prone skin during hormonal changes. Argan oil has anti sebum effects which penetrate deeply into the skin and make skin smoother and acne-free.

2.      Anti-aging properties

Due to lack of hydration and less moisture, our skin starts to wrinkle. It helps in restoring elasticity and makes your skin plumper, brighter, and gives a youthful glow.

3.      Heals your skin

Argan oil has some anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the redness known as skin rashes by locking in the moisture and soothes your skin.

4.      Nourishes your skin

As it is relatively light it gets absorbed easily in the skin which keeps the skin hydrated and moisturize your skin for a long time.

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